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It’s Never Too Late: A Writer’s Life

A worker’s curiosity about the contents of an abandoned steamer trunk leads a very young writer to unlock the romantic story of a much older writer. by Dave Riley LEO ROSTEN, THE SCREENWRITER AND HUMORIST, said it best: “The only reason for being a professional writer is that you just can’t help it.” As Rosten […]

Exercise: Knowing When to Say When

“I said to myself, ‘You can do this.’ The hill replied, ‘Oh no you can’t.’” By Dave Riley I CAN’T PINPOINT THE DATE, but I believe it was sometime in my early forties, or thirty-five or forty years ago, that I took up jogging. My daughter, a student at the time who has since enjoyed […]

Aging: Arnie, Soledad Mexia and the Fountain of Youth

The latest episode in the semi-fictional biography of Joshua Bateman Arnold.  by Dave Riley IT WAS A LAZY SATURDAY MORNING, and, as we frequently do, Mrs. R. and I, along with our neighbor Arnie, who has been enjoying an extended vacation from this blog, were sitting in the backyard reading. Mrs. R. was perusing a […]

Aging: Those Who Would Live Forever

By Dave Riley “[Researchers] administered telomerase to a group of mice suffering from age-related degeneration. The result? The damage went away. The mice didn’t just get better; they got younger.” ROBERT ETTINGER DIED FOUR YEARS AGO at age 92. He hadn’t intended to. He spent his entire professional life looking forward to living forever. Sort […]

Aging: ‘Ninety Percent of Things That People Worry About Never Happen’

‘By now I was in full-panic mode. And I was hundreds of miles out to sea and helpless to do anything about the situation — except worry, which I began doing nonstop.’ By Dave Riley WORRY, SAYS AN OLD SWEDISH PROVERB, often gives a small thing a big shadow. I first heard that a long […]

Phobias: The Curse of Stage Fright — Part Two

You’ve just been elected secretary of your senior citizens club, and in a few days you have to get up in front of everyone and give a report. But you’re scared to death. Scared? No, you’re petrified. Not to worry. You can do it. Read on. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ last Wednesday’s post, Phobias: the […]

Aging: Besse Cooper’s 42,000 Sunrises

“Naming bridges is no slam dunk in Georgia. For a while it appeared the state legislature would have to sign off on it, which couldn’t happen until after the bridge was dedicated.” THIS IS A STORY ABOUT A BRIDGE, a county in Georgia with a famous resident, and a great great grandmother— the latter mainly […]

Infirmities: The Caregiver

“…I suspect there are a lot of caregivers who would tell us that the film isn’t a realistic portrayal of their lives.” by Dave Riley I HAVE NEVER BEEN A CAREGIVER for someone with Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia. I have known some such caregivers, and from what I can glean, the road they […]

Gone Fishin’

By Dave Riley There are few places in the world as beautiful as Maine.  Few, but not none. Every year, usually in August, we visit one of those other magnificent places: the Pacific Northwest. Since Mrs. R. is from Seattle and I am from Bangor, mutually acknowledging that both places are gorgeous keeps peace in the […]

Hate to Fly? Just Wait Till You’re Older

“The rear of the plane seemed to fishtail in the wind, and I had visions of the entire craft splintering and all of us tumbling out into the sky.” By Dave Riley I TOOK MY FIRST FLIGHT when I was sixteen in a small four-seater owned by two acquaintances. They heard that a high school […]