Maladies: When Your Lifelong Love Hits the Wall

“This certainly is a bump,” she said at last.

by Dave Riley

THE INTRO TO THIS BLOG says, in part, it’s about “how all seniors have hurdles to face — maladies, loss of loved ones and more.”

Well Mrs. R. and I are rather in one of those situations now. The day before Thanksgiving she got taken to the ER with what I will delicately describe as a tummy problem. She had an emergency operation that night and a much longer one two days later.

Not to keep you in suspense, she’s recovering slowly but nicely. She may be in the hospital for a couple of weeks, which is no fun for her, but, on the practical side, we have very good coverage.             image1

Some of you have already met Mrs. R. She has appeared briefly in several earlier posts and was the central figure last May in “Mrs. R. Discovers Hulawalu Syndrome.” That piece was about her earlier hospitalization that lasted a week but wasn’t nearly so serious. She doesn’t like being in a hospital, but, aside from nurses, doctors and malpractice attorneys, I’ve yet to meet anyone who does.

I know I’m prejudiced, but I don’t know anyone who cares more for other people than Mrs. R. Absolutely no one.

“FIFTY YEARS,” I SAID TO HER out of the blue sitting at her bedside the other day. Actually it will be fifty years next August. We were planning to celebrate by going to Paris, but recent headlines put those plans on hold.

“Fifty years,” she agreed, “but did we expect this?”

“Well we knew there’d be some bumps.”

She had to think about that. “This certainly is a bump,” she said at last.


I’ll keep you posted.




Dave Riley

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